We're back online! Make sure to read the homepage for more information on the downtime and the future.

Status: [STABLE]
Version: v7.0
Updated: 04/08/22
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Unrelated difficulties saw the site and its projects in a state of stasis since February and eventually offline around mid June. However, services like our private gitea instance and active client projects would and have remained online and fully operational as explained in the email our clients received prior to the downtime, which was originally planned to last just a few weeks but was further delayed to instead focus on finishing up a bunch of overdue updates.

The following are the more relevant milestones that were achieved this first half of the year, they'll all get a more thorough explanation once xenobyte.xyz is back to full functionality:

  • Our custom server backend pocket_php has been completely overhauled and rebranded to Zenode. There's a demo available at zenode.org.

  • Many features were added to the SkeletonGL graphics engine, including a proper initial template program with an integrated command line for faster prototyping. Both its sample applications were updated to the latest version as well.

  • HEXMACS was rebranded to XenoEmacs and updated to work with the latest packages (as of 01/07/2022). Support for Rust was also added.

  • xenobyte.xyz was migrated to a new VPS, had its style and layout updated, and its content revised.

  • The gitea instance was updated to the latest version and had all our repos refreshed. Client repos included.

The blog and news sections are still being worked on, but they'll should be back online in the coming days, alongside the official announcement of a couple of previously teased projects.

Sorry for the inconvenience!