XENOBYTE.XYZ is an independent digital sandbox that hosts the development logs and backup repositories of our freeware projects & scripts, a media gallery with a growing collection of original videos and images, a list of links & webrings to other interesting corners of the non-mainstream web and a blog where the admin keeps his thoughts.

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Starting 2019, we opened our anonymous engineering & graphic design services to the public. There are no logs, no recepits or legal constraints and deal exclusively in cryptocurrencies.

About the admin

Just another netizen on his way through life, I've been online since the late 1990s under many pseudonyms and hung out with fellow cybernauts of all creeds and backgrounds. I started XENOBYTE.XYZ (formerly NEOHEX.XYZ (2018 - 2020), formerlier XENSPACE.NET (2016 - 2017)) as personal brand and to host my shit in the same spirit of the original hacker blogs that made the early Internet so endearing. I religiously believe in the right to privacy and anonymity, advocate for universal freedom and spend most of my time working as an engineer.
Though I've used many names I usually go by SENEX.

You can contact me through any of the profiles below, however, I prioritize emails.

/!!/ I strongly suggest you encrypt messages of sensitive nature. /!!/

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