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[#102] [Wed, 04 Nov 2020 01:34:09 CST][news]

It has been quite an interesting project so far, soon approaching it's first anniversary as NEOHEX.XYZ though it has been online under different names since around early 2018. Originally, the site was created to publish my projects and experiments away from the scrutiny (and staleness) of the mainstream alternatives, an independent digital sandbox from which to further my ideas. Not that it has deviated from its purpose, but around late 2018 I began taking on project requests from a handful of online contacts and eventually the public at large, promoting the then humble personal hub into the half-assed crypto-business it is today. Mindlessly jumping through different domain names as they expire is thus coming to a close to help solidify the brand.

2018 - 2019: XENSPACE.NET

2019 - 2020: NEOHEX.XYZ

2020 - ????: XENOBYTE.XYZ <--- YOU ARE HERE

The change usually happens when the domain name is close to expiry to make the most out of the original investment as well as to refresh the project's aesthetic by giving it a cool new domain every year. NEOHEX.XYZ (the third domain so far) still has around hundred days left in the registry and, it has already seen the highest amount of traffic of all the different names previously used with around 3K unique visitors every month with no marketing effort whatsoever.

Local traffic analysis (with around 20 days of missing data)
Interestingly enough, this past year has seen an increase in third-party usage of the same brand name, some of these companies / individuals even provide (comically) similar services, unnecessarily obfuscating the project from its respective result pool, and a very small one at that.

The site is still in the process of being rebranded but should be fully updated to ver 4.0 later this week. NEOHEX.XYZ will be redirected to XENOBYTE.XYZ for the remaining of its registry.