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■ Ultimate challenge

Being winter, most birds migrated to the warmer south weeks ago.

This instinctual migration happens to compensate for the seasonal shifts in weather that greatly shortens their already strained survival rate. Natural shelter in cities is scarce, forcing the entire remaining fauna to fight for whatever few safe-zones are available, which inevitably turns them into ideal traps for opportunistic predators and statistical casualties in an already extremely dangerous environment. To the point even we are falling prey to our civilization's many complexities.

The result of forcing such merciless filters upon nature are the handful of non-human species that managed to adapt to an ecosystem of our own creation, if by drastically different strategies.

A common city sparrow, an increasingly rare sight

As the years go by, I've noticed that an increasing number of birds refuse to migrate despite the almost suicidal odds they'd otherwise face, and the brave few that make it through the challenge will be the future of their species. For soon enough, there may be nowhere left to escape.