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[#31] [Thu, 04 Feb 2019 06:04:19 CST][misc]
■ The donkey in the middle of nowhere

About 9 months ago I went on a trip to a local canyon, famous for its small town that used to be part of an old mining enterprise and the desert hidden behind which is (supposedly) rich in peyote. The four hour drive went by smoothly, the quality of the roads was surprisingly apt, far superior than that found in most of the city.

The space between civilization is mostly uneventful, tanned wilderness claimed by the government. Stopping by the side of the road, its possible to see a few critters and the occasional predator, life that has managed to adapt to man's presence on top of their own natural filter.

Anything else would find itself struggling for water and food in this arid climate, this is precisely why I found this vagrant donkey wandering 120 kilometers into the 40C dune so endearing. The brave little donkey couldn't help but notice the car killing the usual silence and our eventual approach. We didn't seem to bother him anymore than the scorching heat or the cactus mined floor, he even turned around for a picture.

Emperor's blessings.