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[#34] [Thu, 11 Feb 2019 08:41:12 CST][misc]
■ Meaningless happiness

This park used to be full of activity not even two decades ago, now it's a wasteland. A remarkable change that reflects on the modern human's sedentary and indifferent lifestyle that thrives on the abundance produced by technology. Behind are the days of having to exercise (or do anything, really) for a genuine sense of accomplishment, the old ways have been thoroughly outclassed by the artificial, yet just as ecstatic pleasures of the digital era. Reaping the benefits of determination and hard work is no longer seen as worth the sow, leaving many essential life experiences, by proxy, sidelined and the virtues they nurture further neglected

As such practices become the norm and their once associated stigmas loose their relevancy, they steadily feed a vicious circle of immediately available, albeit artificial dopamine and the insatiable void it tries to compensate for. With all and any secondary character development that used to happen in the pursuit of goals, hedonistic or otherwise, optimized away from the procedure, what is left is just a meaningless, undeserved, short lasting and ultimately meaningless high.