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■ The price of magic

Despite living in the age of information and having access to humanity's collective knowledge through the magic of the internet, there are certain details about the reality we find ourselves in that still (and will most likely forever) elude us. The lack of data roots back to our own limited knowledge and indifference, it is also quite obvious that as civilians we aren't properly informed on a number of subjects that the majority of the population ignore.

Regardless, moving on with life depends on something to fill this gap, to keep the mind from constantly worrying about its place in the universe and focusing its processing power on what is immediately relevant. To most souls out there, this means indulging in the many distractions provided by the state to maintain society from being overwhelmed by life's eternal mystery (among other things). While this might work for the more numerous portion of the population, the remaining forsaken minority is growing fast and their discontent with the pointlessness of it all is breaking through as a mainstream issue. Even those selling themselves as having it all and more are being humbled by the empty silence of post-industrial nihilism.

Our incomplete understanding of the nature of reality may not be enough to deliver us to a satisfactory conclusion, but it has certainly damaged the few benefits of coping through faith, or rather, the core faults of the available dogmas became apparent even to the most devout followers. The current scientific literature, limited and tainted by greed as it may be, is enough to shatter all notion of mythology from the available religions, forcing the communities that were once held together by the binds of a common faith to now rely and develop on their own merits.

At the end of the day, we are all getting lonelier as the judgmental eye of the society we have created seemingly looms over everyone's shoulder, ever ready to throw the first stone. While social stigma has always been part of the interactive nature of men, the reach of its most stressful aspects is now almost universal thanks to technology. It has such a grip on the population's psyche that despite the obvious dangers of abusing science to meddle in the emotional affairs of man, we seem to willingly cast our humanity further away in exchange for more digitally induced dopamine. It's through this vicious cycle of compensating the increasing existential dread with ever more degenerate and auto destructive behavior that the individual numbs the pain within. A short term aid that lures the desperate further down the rabbit hole of negligence.

Eventually, after a lifetime of over stimulation, the overburdened individual is forced into submission by both his own hand and the deteriorating state of his surroundings.