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■ In the blink of an eye

Soon it will be twenty years past the beginning of the millennium. Such an iconic number was imagined alongside incredible technological wonders that blurred the boundaries between what was plausible and what was plain ridiculous. The future was such a wondrous destination for our predecessors that they could only rejoice in humanity's newly elevated status as an industrial species, the pains and irks of nature were becoming a trademark of the past when antibiotics and computers were but a creative spark to write fiction about. But as man had engineered its way to where it previously couldn't reach and beyond, its overhyped vision of the future that was to become the millennial's utopic present slowly decayed into a far different reality. Though the fusion of man and machine is already in its initial stages, the road towards the technological enlightenment that humanity has been set upon has an ulterior purpose that isn't necessarily obvious.