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[#44] [Mon, 21 Jun 2019 06:44:31 CST][misc]
■ Secret knowledge

Computers have been evolving at such a drastic rate that the engineering behind modern software has gotten lazy to compensate for the extra performance. But the true sin is how the new generation of engineers is being taught to depend on pointless layers of abstraction that hold back the machine from achieving its true potential. Circumventing the lack of talent by lowering the required set of skills and knowledge to meet the market's exploding demand for actual programmers.

It's hard to believe that, despite the ridiculous cost and effort associated with going through higher education, the vast majority of the few willing to take it seriously isn't aware of how detrimental to their training it is to learn from anything but the best sources, much less the ideological poisoning and unnecessary, wasteful obstacles they signed up for. As much as I'd like to blame the schools, however, the fact is that it's the individual that has the last word on the matter. But because they place their entire faith on their respective institutions to transform them into whatever it is they are paying to (hopefully) become. Eventually falling prey to the self-destructive behaviors that modern schooling instigates.

This would be understandable in the pre internet days, when knowledgeable locals where usually only ones that could correctly guide those questing for relevant information. Ironically enough, they were probably better off than the misguided souls of today who have now formed a massive group of unemployable "engineers" that will hopefully serve as a warning for the next generation.