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[#53] [Mon, 06 Sep 2019 17:01:22 CST][misc]
■ The leash tightens

The internet is shrinking as it expands. The gatekeepers to the holy infrastructure that maintains this invisible, alternate dimension have finally fallen prey to the surrounding hawks, who see the limitless horizons of this grand experiment as just another frontier to be conquered.

An inevitability, the internet's potential goes far, far beyond the insultingly mediocre entertainment device that we ignorantly perceive it as, those few that can see beyond the initial smokescreen are quick to realize just how dangerous control over cyberspace can be. Even as a stepping stone towards higher goals, its reach is such that it now presides over human activity at a level so essential it has effectively fused with our psyche; we request its counsel in times of despair, we chant its memetic mantras into reality, we validate its decrees by uploading our support or rejection, we've become victims to its countless gifts while ignoring it's just as numerous dangers.

Once this symbiotic process reaches its natural conclusion, those who control cyberspace will have indirect, yet total control of humanity by proxy.