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[#55] [Thu, 30 Sep 2019 13:18:32 CST][misc]
■ HR asked me about the site's "vibe"

The way most cybernauts use the internet is almost exclusively reliant on the same domains. The days of surfing the net for relevant content (whatever it may be) are long gone. I believe the newer generations are particularly predisposed to this virtual favoritism, since they developed when such services were already so prevalent.

On the other hand, this means that the few that sporadically check this site do so because it became another destination on their usual surfing route. For such users, the autonomous virtual ecosystem hosts a considerable portion of their digital activities, I even dare say that websites outside the censored, popular domain add some desperately needed life to the unbearable blandness the mainstream has conditioned everyone to expect.

That being said, this project was supposed to serve as a portfolio for potential employers / clients, while no doubt some of them are tech savvy enough to see the point behind the effort, there are those can't make sense of a site that isn't yet another fwittertube clone. Funny enough, the latter makeup the majority of corporate recruiters that are directly responsible for filling up engineering positions.

Hence, the occasional, cute dog picture.