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■ Cyberspace deforestation

It's no secret that even the most popular "independent" online communities are dying. The reasons are many but being overshadowed by the mainstream competition and the ever increasing difficulties associated with managing an online community are the prevalent issues as to why the internet has become a disappointing distraction to many.

It is worth pointing out that some of these sites have lost relevancy as their number of users grew. The very core of what makes a community worth participating in has to be guarded and nurtured, carefully expanding to prevent the influx of newcomers from diluting the local culture while providing a constant influx of new members. This to maintain and develop its unique memetic value, as it's perhaps the most dire element to the success of a digital community. It's also the main reason why those few that have endured the ruthless expansion of the global tech giants are still standing today.

By the time it was obvious that the internet was to be divided into casual and enthusiast sections some of these websites thrived of the fact their user base was growing at a manageable rate, new users were expected to learn the ways of the tribe to nurture the memetic value of the community without spoiling what made it relatively inaccessible in the first place; its original vision. The only independent hubs left have survived so far because they heavily enforce their local culture, which filters a great deal of potential members that aren't willing to adapt to the site's environment. While this has managed to maintain the community's unique niche, it has also stunted its growth preventing them from naturally expanding while the alternatives thrive. These filtered users are then incited to return to their familiar hangouts within the jurisdiction of their technochrat overlords, where everything from the user interface to the local moral compass itself has been engineered to subversively accommodate to the most basic of tastes.
A lainchan post that agrees

Before any of that can happen, however, an essential part of the equation has to be present that as of recently has been seriously scarce and heavily stigmatized; capable leadership. Being a virtuous, dependent and honorable individual is no longer enough to kindle the spark that all congregations originate from. Presently, being skilled and capable are stern requirements to successfully face the legal, economic, administrative and even personal challenges that come with daring to start a fire beyond the watchmen's control. Soon enough, just publicly disclosing one's role as part of independent community will be enough to warrant suspicion and reject, even expressing valid criticism of socially acceptable platforms will be enough to be targeted.