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[#59] [Thu, 21 Dec 2019 23:23:04 CST][misc]
■ Doomed to fail

As another year passes by, the new year resolutioners begin to plot their future failures by letting everyone know that this shall be the year they finally join the gym or fix their borderline suicidal diets in hopes of building up the necessary courage to finally pull through with their plans.

Nowadays, there's no shame in failing since it has become the norm, only a tiny fraction of those that set out to achieve anything ever see any results at all. New year resolutions, in particular, tend to be long term goals that merit being honored by the yearly ritual, rooted in the individual's deepest desires and priorities. Most of which they've been consciously setting aside for most of their lives and will most definitely take great suffering and effort to overcome.

Placing all hope for change in an extreme and sudden shift in behavior is doomed to fail not because its implausible, but due to its lack of genuine motivation and vision, in this case anchoring the potential outcomes of their goals to the supposed patronage of an arbitrary moment in time. The first mistake in the whole process is the ridiculous belief that the first day of the year will work as a deadline for lifelong negligence and ignorance, a sort of cleansing holiday that will purify their minds of the barriers that have kept them conformed so far, finally enabling the true potential inherent to their being.

The underlying dogma behind such overly optimistic ideas remains unphased by its very lack of results, it blindly guides them deeper into their own delusions because they give their stupid ideologies so much power. Understanding leads to accepting, only then can a concept relate to what would otherwise be filtered by emotional noise. This is why despite it being obvious, this kind of warped mentality can thrive practically anywhere while simultaneously hiding its flawed core.

Approaching the problem in such a crude way requires great compensation from the individual's other virtues. And we are not a virtuous society.