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[#60] [Wed, 29 Dec 2019 04:12:50 CST][misc]
■ The infinitesimal present

Through the metaphysical process of developing our own intellectual horizons, we embark on an ethereal journey that teaches us to visualize what we can't perceive or understand. Even our memories are but the inspiration for our imagination, the past that happened and the future that could be both constructed and presented by our minds in the same manner, by seeding our biomechanical machinery with the core concepts of what we are trying to recall or perceive.

Consequentially, due to the physical limitations of our biology, there is a tiny yet very significant delay between the input our senses receive and the moment we become conscious of said stimuli. The present is but an illusion engineered by the mind, a subconsciously processed memory that we consciously accept as reality.

All for a chance at happiness.