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[#64] [Mon, 13 Jan 2020 23:04:37 CST][misc]
■ Shitstation #2

Moved to a new room, it's slightly more spacious than the one I previously lived in, but that's all I needed to fit in an extra set of shelves.

With the hardware already in place, I thought I might as well format for a fresh start. In the process of reinstalling and configuring, however, I ran into enough issues getting my setup to work that I had no choice but to spend the rest of the day tinkering with the machine. The biggest issue was the fact that I could no longer use bitmap fonts on software that relied on pango to render text, which just so happened to be around two thirds of the roster. I compiled pango ver 1.43 to roll back the changes but weary of potentially breaking more packages I swallowed my pride and went on a quest to replace ohsnap as my primary and only font.

Later that weekend I had time to work on an ancient KitchedAid K45SS mixer that refused to start and an original xbox 360 gamepad that had apparently reached the end of its lifetime as a product engineered to fail. In contrast to the mixer, which had a simple mechanical obstruction between the speed lever and its resistor plate in the form of a loose screw and accumulated filth, removing it was all it took to fix. Despite its age the machine worked as originally advertised once again.

good engineering

The 360 controller had a typical USB cable issue that required some trimming and soldering to fix. Not the most elegant solution but the replacements available were of even lower quality so I had to make due.
bad engineering

The controller itself looks brand new, it is just as well kept and maintained as the day I bought it years ago, and it was stored inside a sealed case to ensure its longevity. Despite the precautions, the controller's cable still broke right in the dead center of the ferrite core located just above from where the cable meets the controller. The joint is tightly secured with outer and inner layers of rubber encasing the core, of course the problem lied within.
It's such a shame that new products are strategically built to fail to encourage further (unnecessary) investment. This culture of mindless consumerism is slowly but surely removing the concept of actual quality out of the client's possibilities, as surely and successfully as fractal reserve banking erased the idea of living free of debt.