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■ Avidya

During the dawn of man's sentience it was swiftly concluded that the pyschological imperative behind achieving salvation from this undeniably indifferent universe was inherent to life itself, meaning it was not the kind of problem that could be simply taken for granted. It was from this newfound desire for cognitive liberation that the earliest religions were inspired by, and humanity first encountered the metaphysical frontier.

As a consequence, today there is enough religious literature to overwhelm anyone seeking answers, to complicate matters further, the only religious institutions that made it to the second millennium got there by zealously and violently enforcing their ideals or as remnants of ancient practices that are slowly fading into obscurity as so many before them did. Such is the abundance of (mis)information and empty promises that is has instigated confusion and indifference in the minds of the masses. Leading astray the uninformed and uninitiated into damned paths.

This unawareness of one's own ignorance is what the Buddhists call "avidya"; misguided individuals that have accepted erroneous information about the nature of reality as true and therefore predisposing themselves to eternal existential dreads. How powerful these are vary, but it is in this doubt induced desperation that those who have neglected their psyche for so long are forced to realize the fragility of their beliefs.
Seeing it as their only escape, they further give themselves into pointless distractions and artificial pleasures to make it through their day, turning their backs to the ever looming abyss all sentient beings must (eventually) face.

The herd has been led astray for far too long, we no longer have a society stable enough to compensate for such mysteries. Our partial understanding of nature, even with our newfound capacity to instantaneously spread information, isn't enough to quell the raise of these collective psychological woes. Offering escapes to relieve the pressure is the responsibility of those in power, but to the eternal void they are indistinguishable from the rest. Hence, the hedonistic philosophy behind their every action, the same pursuit for sensorial pleasures they enforce on those below, has crept into their circles through the same gap in the wall.

They can no longer feed us or themselves the same lies.