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[#68] [Fri, 07 Feb 2020 21:43:53 CST][misc]
■ Filth in the air

There has been a notable decrease in my neighborhood's air quality, that already reeked of wet trash and burning plastic to begin with. Bringing along a thick, filthy mist of smog that shrouds over the city like a second layer of clouds, further filtering the sunlight, leaving the streets dimly lit.

The factories responsible rely on the winter's chill to mask the stench of their waste, which has (and will) always be a local issue since the aforementioned businesses now find themselves in the very heart of the city's insatiable growth. A privileged position for the factory's benefactors who find their massive patches of land rising in value with each passing day, but for the rest of us who are forced to breathe their spoils it's nothing but a reminder of our lack of vision and control.

Sadly, this was too weak a winter.