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[#80] [Mon, 19 Apr 2020 23:09:15 CST][misc]
■ The point of no return

The chaos instilled by the COVID-19 panic have reached heights previously reserved for fiction. Homelessness is sweeping through the nation, leaving nothing but misery on its way, serving as a grim reminder for the few that remain active in the workplace of the overwhelming chaos trailing ever closer. To those who were already doomed to sleeping in the streets, however, the potential dangers of the virus haven't been as destructive as the loss of empathy from the rest of the population to their panhandling ways.

Positioned somewhere between sleeping on the sidewalk and the loss of their only source of income, the desperation among those at the very bottom of the socioeconomic spectrum has pushed them deeper into survival mode, where the imperative to live overcomes any preexisting moral or ethic alignment. The air reeks of imminent violence, the fear in the eyes of the displaced can't be assessed as an understandable reaction to an unfortunate situation or an opportunistic glimpse for some much-needed relief at a random stranger's expense. Though the quarantine has helped curve such crimes, it failed to address all and any preexisting societal problems, most of which stem from the fact an increasing percentage of the citizenry have nothing else to lose but their dreaded lives.

In a society as fractured as ours, the gravest danger remains society itself. Even as the (supposedly) ultimate killer thins the herd into patches, even as the economy implodes and food shortages worsen, it were the generations of negligence and indifference towards our own system that ultimately killed hope.