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[#83] [Thu, 30 Apr 2020 00:32:26 CST][misc]
■ Hight tech, low life

The pointless quarantine keeps claiming jobs, today I learned of two more layoffs among my contacts before midday. Just a few days ago a client of mine, who accounted for almost half of my current income, had to close up shop as well, halting the development of their project for the foreseeable future. Taking yet another financial hit, many plans had to be reassessed to compensate for the now critical budget, hence the repeated delays for steps that would otherwise be long behind. I can only imagine what those less fortunate and with heavier responsibilities are going through, its been long enough for the average home to have burned through their savings, assuming they had any to begin with.

Not a single aspect of what used to be our daily life remains intact, the already strained bonds among the few fortunate to have them are being warped into the same, meaningless social contracts that so many of our most basic cognitive needs have been demoted into. Everything beyond our economy has been taken for granted to the absolute extreme, nurturing the underlying misery that invariably accompanies sentience. Explaining why the ranks of the indifferent keep growing.

We are living during the age of technological prosperity that, up until two generations ago, was nothing but the maddest of fiction. What could only be described as literal magic is today a mere recipe, we've triumphed beyond the hardships of our planet and into the lethal void, we've mastered the secrets of life to serve our endless demands. Should we survive a few more generations, I have no doubt we will be capable of feats beyond our current imagination. All this, paid for by our humanity.

Perhaps it wasn't worth it.