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[#95] [Tue, 08 Sep 2020 20:01:15 CST][misc]
■ On the current hardships and their origin

Statistics show that depression has crept its way into every corner of the world. No nation, developed or otherwise, has managed to counter its now global presence. A side effect of the relentless barrage of psychological warfare we are subject to, slowly altering our behavior to best adapt to the morphing culture and its unforgiving stance on those that refuse to change.

This is happening to many others that find themselves in similar or worse positions, a distinction that is quickly blurring into a homogeneous rank for anyone and everyone below the upper echelons of the socioeconomic ladder. Where the frustrated masses find themselves piled up in the same, miserable category as expendable peons in the midst of a metaphysical conflict beyond their collective comprehension. For the techniques employed to steer minds into a societal union no longer rely on honorable actions or even the promise of wealth and pleasure. These new, scientifically backed methods operate on a philosophy too complex and unintuitive to grasp by most. Such is the level of refinement and efficacy that the results can be nigh unfathomable, and well within what some would describe as (evil)magik.

Civilization, being as complex as it is, cannot rearrange itself without temporary loosing its momentum lest it destroys itself attempting to steer. In the same way a car must slow itself down to an appropriate speed to safely make a pronounced turn, so must the human collective take the necessary precautions to survive changing its path. As of the last twenty years, it has become cyrstal clear that we aren't being led to where we were promised, even worse, it may already be far too late to compensate for the incoming curve.