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[#99] [Fri, 16 Oct 2020 13:50:49 CST][news]

Both of our current development tools were updated to match the new versions of their respective base software. HEXmacs is now working on EMACS ver. 27+ which now has native JSON parsing (via libjansson) for much faster lsp-mode completion. This change alone has deprecated the alternatives, if you use the default javascript configuration included in HEXmacs (or any other lsp related packages) you should definitely upgrade. The HEXmacs installation guide has also been finished.

Our ricing files were also updated for the October release of arch (01/10/2020), all configurations are now working for the latest available version of their software. The volume bug that happened when toggling mute/unmute using AwesomeWM hotkeys and the unreliable image rendering in URXVT + ranger were also fixed.

Finally, the site saw some quality of life changes including modal media loading in the gallery, mobile rendering improvements and some contact changes. Updating to ver 3.5.