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[#104] [Tue, 01 Dec 2020 04:21:39 CST][news]

After months of short yet consistent bursts of effort, the Skeleton Graphics Library version 2.0 is finally here!

This marks a very important milestone for the library as it is now in its first stable release with all it's promised features plus some more:

SkeletonGL VER 2.0 features
  • ■ Updated to compile with C++20
  • ■ Full .INI configuration file parser
  • ■ Runs on both legacy and modern hardware
  • ■ Fully compatible with legacy systems like WindowsXP
  • ■ Integrated logging, and hardware profiling tools
  • ■ Specialized shader and OpenGL debugging
  • ■ Can be compiled for virtually any modern operating system
  • ■ Compatible with all modern (version 3.3+) OpenGL versions
  • ■ Simple yet fully featured 2D rendering
  • ■ GPU accelerated primitive geometry rendering (including circles!)
  • ■ Sprite and primitive batching
  • ■ Full access to both custom and default shaders
  • ■ Automated asset loading and management
  • ■ Support for TTF and Bitmap font rendering
  • ■ Texture atlas capabilities
  • ■ Deterministic (FPS limited) and uncapped rendering
  • ■ Included post-processor with custom shader support
  • ■ Lag free input system for mice, keyboards, gamepads and joysticks
  • ■ VSYNC options, window management and multi-monitor support
  • ■ Project template and makefiles included
  • ■ OpenGL blending modes for all renderers
  • ■ Tiny codebase, has five dependencies (all free)
  • ■ Doxygen commented, includes example programs
  • ■ Fully exposed OpenGL rendering pipeline for customized builds

There were also many changes to the engine codebase to comply with better practices as well as to allow for almost total customization of the rendering pipeline. It was also stripped of all vestigial, legacy code that served as testing grounds for what today are features. See the CHANGELOG for a thorough list of the updates and this devlog entry for more information on the ver 2.0 release.

For the time being the project will be prioritizing stability, bug fixing, updating the available example programs and finishing its third official game, Risk Vector.