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[#92] [Mon, 27 Jul 2020 07:55:07 CST][news]

It's been almost five months since the re-release of NEOHEX.XYZ. In that time span the site has gone through an alpha and beta phase, has seen around 9K unique visitors (with zero marketing efforts), has successfully completed fourteen freelance projects for anonymous clients, collected 81 blog posts, hosted a Tibia TFS 7.4 and CS game servers, has been relentlessly hounded by Chinese webbots since launch and survived bouncing around local VPS services as they went bankrupt.

second half access log

A painful a birth as it may have been, the NEOHEX project has slowly but steadily been nurtured into the platform it was envisioned to be, receiving today its biggest update yet. Finally graduating from BETA to RELEASE.

NEOHEX.XYZ version 3.0
  • ■ The entire site has been redesigned
  • ■ Gorillions of grammar error finally fixed
  • ■ Every single project has been cleaned, updated and (better) documented
  • ■ Journal navigation updated
  • ■ Contact information updated
  • ■ Added more images to the gallery

Everything seems to indicate that the second half of the year is going to be just as wild if not more, such an uncertain future keeps plans halted and efforts costly, but never abandoned.