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[#101] [Wed, 21 Oct 2020 15:32:00 CST][misc]
■ The price of indifference

This second half of the year feels twice as long as the first. There are so many bizarre situations simultaneously unfolding, it makes the past decade look insignificant in comparison.
So much has happened in the past ten months alone that the precedent for the foreseeable future is clearly an even bigger struggle. As every corner of the planet is busy dealing with its own mayhem, we as individuals are being economically, emotionally and intellectually taxed to extremes previously reserved for the horrors of total war. Victims to a silent yet meticulously planned offensive that keeps us artificially preoccupied and ultimately distracted from what truly matters.

The collective stress is palpable even from a distance. Expressions full of exhaustion are now the norm even for those few that had remained unscathed thus far, now resigned to accept their newfound status as yet another prisoner to the system's jailer with the rest of their worth.