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[#52] [Sat, 31 Jul 2019 07:34:00 CST][sgl_devlog]
■ SGL v1.0 officially released

I've been using SGL as a template for all sorts of different projects for long enough to be sure that the effort of cleaning and commenting the code is worth it. Time was always the biggest challenge, the development oscillated between spending entire days polishing it out to months long abandonment due to daily life distractions throughout its entire cycle. Being so close to having something I could publicly release, I had to cut some corners but it's finally done. SGL ver1.0 is officially released.
Some changes were made to the original vision of the project, namely that SGL would be far more appropriate to stay as an engine rather than a library, the makefile that compiles the static library of the SGL engine is still in the git project, however it is there for development purposes shall the necessity arise. Ideally, SGL is to be compiled alongside the rest of the application. This also encourages user modification to the SGL core, not that farfetched considering how much can be done by directly working with OpenGL. Finally, SGL will be packaged with a default example game of snake, in the future such example applications may be moved to their own repos or simply included in the default SGL repo, we'll see.


This shall be the foundation for future projects.