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■ Forcing the hand of nature

Due to local birds increasingly relying on human infrastructure to nest, cats have opportunistically hunted down their population into near extinction. With the only arbiter of their doom being their capacity to foresee their predator's tactics, the ones to make it past this great filter are so few, it's accelerating their species evolution to produce individuals of extreme ability.

For those that had settled in the core of what was to become a sprawling city, the native ecosystem, although rapidly decaying, was still present to provide a relatively safer alternative to the bird's newfound means of sustenance. But it was the much more docile and less numerous human population that allowed many of the bird species native to the area to thrive before eventually being culled en masse by the relentless expansion of mankind. The results were a drastic shift in the aptitudes required to survive, some of which were beyond the genetic potential of many native species that have either migrated or perished.

We are indirectly kick-starting the evolution of our surrounding species.