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[#75] [Thu, 19 Mar 2020 22:11:00 CST][misc]
■ Silent panic

Civilian interaction in public spaces has been reduced to a halt so severe it has decimated the local economy. Hopes for an adequate governmental response are null, so the losses are no doubt going to reach into the upper echelons of the socioeconomic pyramid, increasing the already ridiculous gap between the base and the tip.

If what we are being told is the truth, then it's safe to assume that it's only a matter of time before the virus finds its way into every home. Preventive action will only take us so far in an indifferent community, effective isolation from the plague requires logistics and understanding beyond the means of the citizenry or its government. Our leaders opted to minimize countermeasures because they are well aware of their own incompetence and lack of control, we are left defenseless against an invisible enemy.

outside a forcibly closed bar

The ridiculous promotion of civil irresponsibility, lack of control and one-sided ideological extremism the government has been relentlessly promoting also deters any dynamic contingency plans. All it takes is a single rebellious individual to undermine even the most elaborate containment efforts.

The grim reality (that most choose to ignore), is that if the virus was enough of a threat to cripple the so-called "developed nations", countries with a lower economic and cultural competence will have no choice but to rely on the honesty of their politicians to prevent an outburst of panic and hope for the best.

Fun times ahead.