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[#84] [Sat, 02 May 2020 21:24:55 CST][sgl_devlog]
■ Dependencies updated & 2.0 features

Quarantined at home, I've been using the extra time to work on the next SGL example project and the SGL engine itself. The game will cover a lot of ground for future projects, as well as providing a more thorough showcase of SGL capabilities and features. Including ones not present in the previous SGL game, like:

  • ■ Game state management & responsive UI
  • ■ Sprite batching & texture atlas
  • ■ Custom shaders and post-processing effects
  • ■ Both TTF and bitmap font rendering
  • ■ Updates to the real time debugging panel & production build settings
  • ■ Support for both VSYNC & unlocked framerates

Fortunately enough, the amount of internal changes to accommodate for most updates has been minimal and will most likely stay this way until version 2.0 releases with the finished game. For now, all dependencies have been updated to their latest standards and tested to ensure compatibility, their respective credits and licenses are listed in deps/deps_credits.txt.

Note that if you're using GLM for your own project's math (and you probably should) starting with version, matrices and vectors are no longer initialized by default. Meaning that all glm::vec & glm::mat must be manually initialized to 1.0f to imitate its previous behavior.

Updated to 1.4.