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[#121] [Thu, 17 Jun 2021 16:12:36 CST][tech]
■ The Lainchan Webring Saga

For the past year or so, I've been following a series of threads on the lainchan imageboard centered around creating an anonymous webring of sorts. The idea behind is to unite the many personal webprojects that remain scattered throughout cyberspace into a decentralized confederation of related sites. A graph where every node is its own independent realm with a section that links to other such places, removing the need for any centralization while retaining the common context of the projects. I've yet to add the more recent ones, but I'm confident that most of the participating sites have been added to the links section by now, alongside many other unrelated links.

Current websites in the webring

The chain of threads (currently on it's fifth iteration) span hundredths of posts and around 60 or so participating domains, each an individual entity somewhere in the vastness of cyberspace, linked to the rest of the mesh by will and interest alone.
Needless to say, these types of communities are very reminiscent of the pre corporate internet, before "social media" giants held a monopoly on information exchange and finding like-minded netizens required extra effort and technical skills. Each new site first had to come across a webring, usually by surfing around forums or imageboards of interest, then joining the community and eventually the webring itself. This clever use of third-party platforms to strengthen individual domains, although not that common of an occurrence mainly because setting up a personal website acts as a filter, has been bridging personal projects since the early days of the web.

It's no surprise that these same users contribute all sorts of interesting ideas to their respective circles, some anons in the lainchan webring even started experimenting with scripts that illustrate the current state of the webring's matrix as a graph node.

The original concept post

A second poster then uploaded a graph generated by his own script.

A more readable and hilarious graph (post)

A quick glance at the graph makes it apparent that the node introduces many unrelated links that the script still counted as part of the lainchan webring. To facilitate anon's efforts, I created a separate link that hosts only the lainchan webring links right here.
I'll make sure to contribute something cool of my own in the future.