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[#28] [Sat, 23 Jan 2019 17:43:29 CST][tech]
■ The economics of NEOHEX.XYZ

EDIT 08/11/2020 : The site was rebranded from NEOHEX.XYZ to XENOBYTE.XYZ

I was asked about the costs and efforts required to run a small, simple web project such as this by a curious visitor.
NEOHEX (previously xenspace) used to be hosted in an array of outdated and neglected computers that I had access to back in college. The infrastructure was there for students to host their projects but remained practically untouched for years. Since the cost of running the server was close to zero, I left the site to rot and focused on other projects, just to eventually come back to NEOHEX to host my newer work. With the site's codebase outdated and in need of an overhaul, I ended up updating it in its entirety and away from its boring, plain facade as well.

With its internals optimized, I was able to move the project to the cheapest hardware available and even gained a boost in performance, a major bonus that most modern frameworks and tools take away from the developer in exchange for a lower skill ceiling and overall control of the software.

The costliest part of it all is renewing the domain name for a total of around $3.3(USD) a month.
The NEOHEX.XYZ server

The picture above is the usual idle state of the server, should we require any of the other services (Tibia 7.2 server world, private git repos, VPN or proxy server, client APIs etc.) they can be simultaneously enabled without taxing the site's performance. All thanks to the meticulous engineering behind the service.