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Between the impending economic doom and the almost year long quarantine, it's been quite a challenge to keep up with the current development roadmap. However, thanks to our anonymous patrons, most of our free software projects are now production ready, with a few of them collectively powering almost half a dozen projects.

Some of our clients have agreed for their projects to be developed with our custom engines and frameworks, SkeletonGL is currently powering a (closed source) data visualization tool for crypto market analysis, while pocket_php is managing seven websites and two REST API servers with another one soon to launch.

A big thank you for your preference!

There's an interesting project that will be officially announced in the coming weeks, and that damn arcade game is close to being done. For the time being, SkeletonGL will be getting its last update before version 2.0 releases with its third example application, and the site has been further optimized in preparation for even bigger changes.

Expect some interesting news before November!