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[#98] [Wed, 28 Sep 2020 15:40:13 CST][sgl_devlog]
■ SkeletonGL ver 1.9 released

SkeletonGL was recently used as a starting point for a client's data visualization software (closed source at their request, unfortunately) that ended up serving as a catalyst for a few changes.

The biggest ones being:

■ Polished the instance renderers, they should work much faster now
■ Added a limit of 10,000 items per call, see SGL_DataStructures.hpp to change it
■ Added blending options to the SGL_Pixel, SGL_Line and their respective batch renderers
■ Added new blending functions
■ All instance renderers are now compatible with their base shaders (ie, sprite shaders work with sprite batching)
■ The getTextureMemoryGPU function now includes the instance renderers pre-allocated memory
■ Added a makefile / compile time macro to add or remove error checking after render calls
■ SGL_Pixel can now specify pixel size
■ SGL_Line can now specify line width
■ Optimized away many unnecessary calls to OpenGL VBOs

Testing the instrance renderers (FPS lowered due to compression)

The library is shaping up very nicely, the performance boosts alone allows for some truly crazy shit. This will most likely be the final release before 2.0 and Risk Vector are done.