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The dream journal stores recollections of personal dreams well as my thoughts on the subject. For a more thorough explanation behind this project refer to the first entry.

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// Motivations

Most don't consider their dreams anything more than the inevitable background noise they have to experience while asleep. Disposable, pointless ideas generated by our own cognitive machinery which we do not understand. Yet, dreams have been inspiring human activity for as long as we can tell. Their influence over our actions can be powerful enough to instigate permanent changes in behavior and ideology, rivaling the relevancy of the experiences we live through while awake. All this despite the abstract nature of the intangible realm we perceive when under a deep sleep, a hypnotic permutation of our most relevant ideas and memories that morph the endless potential of our metaphysical capabilities into a reality that is just similar enough for our egos to relate but still sufficiently alien for our instincts to recognize as unauthentic.

It's a complicated subject for multiple reasons, with the utmost personal origins of dreams being among the main challenges that make exploring the phenomenon a task inherently exclusive to the individual. Thus, the available data can only be expected to be (intrinsically) inaccurate anecdotal experiences of fluctuating quality with nothing to measure it by or against, further obscuring the scientific truth explaining why evolution deemed it necessary for life to spend, on average, a third of its lifespan undergoing these ethereal experiences while fast asleep.

Dreams hide an overlooked piece of the puzzle that is consciousness.