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Bl0gs and j0urnals // Cavestory devblog // Nathan Lineback and his 20+ year crusade against Internet Explorer // Anons from Chile personal site, very minimalist // Oldfag from 2ch personal site // Bizarre Irish compsci blog // Japanese surreal artist blog // Cyberpunkish blog // Sysadmin from Belgium, got charged with CP after someone abused his free file hosting service // Dead musician/programmer // Dead internet activist blog // Daily blog of serial killer Joseph Duncan // Some kraut blog about tech // Blog about retro tach and virtualization // Eng student blog, very complete and consistently updated // Anon blog, retropunk styled // Ruskie programmer site with amazing learning sources // XScreenSaver creator and mozilla founder blog // Security related blog // Old japanese cybernaut blog, has some awesome fonts // Polish bughunter blog, very thorough // Youtube tech normie // Fellow EMACS fetishist blog // Blog about Fresisian philosophy // Top tier mathwiz Terrance Tao's blog // Some opinionated guy's blog // Electronics blog, kewl RE posts // Odd video game posts by a LARPING Svlla // Blog-turned-book about magik and the occult
services // Web 1.0 search engine // Scientific paper paywall unlocker // Large e-book database, textbooks and literature // Trusted research chemical dealer // Sketchy designer drugs // Direct connection (ssh) social media // Directory with old sites // Fix stuck pixels // Massive archive of cyber security fails
messageboards & f0rums // Ancient, dead textboard // Relatively active textboard originally based on a VN called VA-11 Hall-A // Some kind of lainchan clone that I don't remember the story for // Imageboard with only a few posts per day but not entirely dead // Run of the mill imageboard but you can see anons type out posts in real time. Decently active // Yet another imageboard using the real time script, but this one is only available at certain times during the day. It's active but seems to be populated by only a few users that all know each other. // Simple text based board, very chill // Text board based on random threads // List of sorted active boards about programming and usual internet biz // Catalog of somewhat active "2ch style" boards // Relatively active board about bizarre subjects // Kosher friendly board // Old /v/ offshoot for some TF2 clan // Old messageboard dedicated to "cracky" // Dead anime message board // Single category forum with lots of posts, still active;f=1;hardset=0;start_point=0;DaysPrune=0 // Fanfic forum about the smurfs... // Dedicated to the old Habbo raiders // Messageboard dedicated to Yumme Nikki // 255 post limit single thread imageboard // Forum for metrosexual "looksmaxers"
rand0m & misc // 2007 backup (internet suicide cult) // Simple design philosophy for motherfucking websites // A simple design philosophy for even better motherfucking websites // Avant-garde hippy site // Background css video // Parallax craziness // Random interesting articles // Retro looking none sense // Psychedelic personal wiki? // Messy web 1.0 styled blog? // Spanish collections of random articles // Edgy websites about "real" vampires // Dumb animations // Album promo site? // HTML nonesense // Very colorful car rental site // Wonky animation with sound // Cyberpunk files and info // IRC user site // Info about semantics and esoterism // Parody articles and journals // Stylish weather broadcaster // Internet magazine // Long list of media // Parody cult // Crazy writings about conspiracies // Oldschool point and click web adventure // Infamous suicide cult frontsite // Old computers and soviet maps // 34.4GB archive of old Flash games // Fan site for the live action Super Mario Bros. movie // Official website for Deception Island, an Antarctic island // Jar Jar Binks fan page, seriously // TempleOS backup site (R.I.P. Terry) // HTML insanity and randomness
Psychedelic inspired collage // // Fractal zoom in // Turns your name into an ASCII art face // Matrix / Lain inspired designs // Window 9X styled cyberpunk site // Cool comics, ended abruptly 15 years ago and the forum is dead // Original blair witch website // Cringe pokemon forum of old // Community forums of an old PSP homebrew game // Some nip blog // Anime site, in jap // Window 7 TWM // Old flash animations and games // Gran turismo autism // Oldschool web game about elves // Cowboy Bebop info site // Murderer's manifesto, early 2000s // Oldschool attempt at wikipedia // FM trasmitter kit info // Electronic projects from the early 2000s // The first wiki ever // Very underground music collabs //Esoteric media, has a members section // Lain-site, apparently linked to systemspace // DMT trip recreations, very accurate!
ftp, file sharing & c0llections // Sorted weird images // Fonts and oldschool cyberpunk literature, bunch of cool dungeons and dragons stuff hidden in there // Old LINUX scripts and text files // Old software like games data collections // ROMS and software // Random files from ~2005 // Windows files and logs // Keygen beats and oldschool mixes // Old hardware listings // DOS games and applications // Massive collection of very old text files, from the BBS and early email days // Old roms, books, murdercube stuff etc // Engineering and compsci books // Evolt Browser Archive – lots of obscure and forgotten browsers here // ROM dumps of bootleg Game Boy/Game Boy Advance games // ROM dumps of bootleg Famicom games // Forgotton web directory, last updated 1998 // Secure software list // Icons for a dead messaging client // X2 MS-DOS Programming Archive // Doom skins and related // Unused and cut video game content // Early Microsoft articles // Wipeout (PSX) model viewer // Old VHS rips, lots of 70s - 80s stuff // Massive ROMS collection compiled after Nintendo went after the bigger ROMS sites/span> // Some internaut's last stand against anti-ROM practices, many ROMS here!YktByLLD!wxmH1jxE1giCHC_giFYt-Q // MDE's youtube channel backup // Digital artist Osamu Sato collection
pastebins & lists // Chan compilation
guides & tut0rials // Modern guide to internet privacy // Email privacy tutorial // // Nintendo64 information, dev tools etc. // FM trasmitter kit info // Electronic projects from the early 2000s // Tons of cybersecurity articles // Psychedelics and their effects // Useful Linux tutorials and data // Linux kernel, module and userspace programming guides // Mathematical proofs // Ye old bash scripting book, still relevant // Ye not so old bash scripting book // Updated C++ knowledge
legendary threads // The birth of the systemspace cult part I // The birth of the systemspace cult part II