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// Conway's game of life simulator made in SkeletonGL & C++ with a focus on performance.
Table of Contents

Originally a client request, CAS-SGL (short for 'Cellular Automata Simulator - SkeletonGL') is a high performance Conway's game of life simulator that allows for both custom and random universe seeding, seed saving and loading, as well as real time analysis of the current state of the simulated universe. It takes full advantage of modern rendering techniques to prevent the GPU from bottlenecking performance, as well as both VSYNC and unlocked FPS modes to keep it from hogging resources in weaker machines while taking full advantage of high tier processors in enthusiast builds.

It's also a bitchin' screensaver.

System requirements

OS: Any modern UNIX system.
CPU: yes


Early dev. build

Oscillating flower
Installation 1. Install the dependencies. For Debian / Ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libglew-dev libfreetype6-dev

For Arch based systems:

sudo pacman -S sdl2 glew freetype2

2. Clone the project repo.

git clone https://git.xenobyte.xyz/XENOBYTE/cas-sgl/

3. Compile and play.

cd cas-sgl
make -j$(nproc)

How to play numpad# 1 - 9: randomizes seed
space: un/pauses the simulation
s save the current seed to ./seed.txt.
l load the seed stored in ./seed.txt.

[ 01/25/2021 - VER 1.3 ] <-- CURRENT STABLE VERSION

- Updated to SkeletonGL v2.0

[ 06/11/2020 - VER 1.2 ]

- Updated to SkeletonGL v1.92
- Updated their intro texture

[ 07/06/2020 - VER 1.0 ]

■ Source code is released