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// Edge detect a webcam feed, includes adjustable filters & general webcam recording utilities.
Table of Contents
Wtf is the ES3C for?

This is an an old C++, Qt & OpenCV prototype that scans a live webcam feed for vertices and export them to .xyz format (compatible with meshlab). It includes a few filters to better adapt the camera input to the edge detection algorithms like gamma and exposure, it also takes screenshots!

This program is no longer maintained and mostly used as documentation for both Qt and OpenCV back when they didn't have such outstanding literature.

EDIT [31/07/2020] UPDATED TO RUN ON QT 5.9 & OPENCV 4.3

  • Works with all webcams
  • Real time execution
  • Includes various adjustment filters
  • Exports to .xyz
  • Takes screenshots!
Webcam Vertex Scanner F.A.Q. What was the motivation behind this project?

The scanner was made to help a robot navigate a 3D environment from a webcam feed. A second program would read the scanners coordinates and guide the machine accordingly. It was also used to take screenshots.

Will it ever be updated?

Because the synergy between Qt and OpenCV used to be terribly documented, I updated the code to Qt5 and OpenCV3. This is the last update.
EDIT [31/07/2020] UPDATED TO RUN ON QT 5.9 & OPENCV 4.3

My webcam doesn't appear on the selection list

Make sure its not currently used by another process and that it is being correctly recognized.

» lsusb
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 046d:082d Logitech, Inc. HD Pro Webcam C920

What are the dependencies?

Qt5+ // GUI and file managing
OpenCV // Webcam input feed and matrices

A big thank you to their respective authors.

What is the project's license? Do I have to pay or credit you in any way?

The project is MIT licensed and free.