Want to add a GPS tracker to your dog? Need a cheat or crack for a game? A software homework assignment done? An independent store for your amazing products? Struggling with your engineering course and could use some tutoring? Need a bitchin' album cover / poster / infographic? Look no further, m8.

All requests are deal in an exclusively anonymous manner to ensure the total discretion of our clients. There is no formal agreement or record required, this is genuine online freelance work. Initial communication is strictly through email but can change depending on the project. All resulting development (code, prototypes, schematics, media) become property of the client to do as they please.

Project evaluations are (currently) free! Payment methods are limited to cryptocurrencies. As a reference, the freeware section showcases some of our engineering work, while the media gallery has some graphic design examples.

What we offer:
  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT & CONSULTING: All sorts of software, from video games to linux drivers to network probers
  • INTERNET PRESENCE: Original websites, forums, stores and their corresponding administration
  • SERVICE HOSTING: For specialized services like game servers and automatic emergency backups
  • SECURITY AND ANALYSIS: Reverse engineering, bug hunting, executable analysis, exploit development...
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Need a hand developing a technical skill or overcoming a bug in your code?
  • HARDWARE ENGINEERING Circuit design, device drivers, gadgets etc.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN Posters, album covers, avatars, infographics, forum signatures...
Why choose XENOBYTE?
  • ABSOLUTE DISCRETION: The entire process is done anonymously, all you need is an active email address (if you'd rather encrypt your message, use this key)
  • LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE: By not relying on premade solutions and engineering for a specific request, we can minimize overhead and thus costs
  • CONSTANT UPDATES: While it varies between projects, updates can be requested as often as every 24 hours or your money back
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS: Speedy project completion and satisfaction or your money back
  • DOCUMENTATION & MANUALS: Every development includes its respective documentation and/or user manual, post-development technical assistance by email
  • HARDWARE ENGINEERING Circuit design, device drivers, gadgets etc.

Send us an email with the subject "Project request:" plus the request itself.

/!!/ We strongly suggest you encrypt messages of sensitive nature. /!!/

  • ■ It's not necessary to reference your real ID.
  • ■ Include a brief description of your project / request.
  • ■ A summary of the problem / situation at hand can be very useful.
  • ■ If there is a time constraint, specify it so it can be taken into consideration.
  • ■ Encrypting the message is encouraged but not required.
  • ■ All emails answered within 24hrs!